Music Resume

I have played and studied music since early childhood. My earliest influences were the folk, country, and rock and roll sounds of the fifties.

For the last 25 years, my primary instrument has been mandolin. I also play guitar and sing. I play bluegrass, country, Irish and also have backed singer songwriters on mandolin.

For about 15 years, I played mandolin in a band called Jammin’ Salmon with my friends Phil Campbell on guitar and bassists Mimi Hills and Preston Carter. I played mandolin in various combinations with Ellen Silva over the last 20 years and also engineered and played on some of her recordings. In 2010, I played mandolin in one of Jerry Logan’s bands called Loganville. I have recently been playing more as a soloist and in small groups.

My first mandolin teacher was Orrin Star, who I met when I was living in Arlington, Massachusetts. Since then, through music camps and private lessons, I’ve had the chance to learn from great teachers like John Reischmann, Radim Zenkl, Mike Compton, Rich DelGrosso, Jack Tuttle, Tristan Scroggins and Eric Thompson.

From 1992-2009 I was involved in producing a music camp called California Coast Music Camp. During that time, I served on the board of directors, for many years I was president of the organization and, at camp, I served as the on-site coordinator.

I have also done a fair amount of audio engineering, both for live events and recordings.